The dumb phones to attempt to help treat your smartphone addiction

2018 is officially the year of the electronic detox.
Google, Facebook and also Apple are all presenting functions to stop you from being glued to your mobile phone, whilst sales of "dumb phones" now compose five percent of worldwide phone sales, according to sources.
But what is a dumb phone and also how do you discover the ideal one for you?

Just what you require to find out about dumb phones
A dumb phone, or a feature phone, is one which isn't connected to the internet.
Much like the good old Nokia 3310 you had in the 1990s, these devices could make phone calls as well as send out messages, however you cannot use them for social networks or on the internet buying.
Speaking of Nokia, the company has seen a resurgence of passion in its '90s tools with brand-new as well as improved variations of the precious 3310 as well as the Nokia "banana phone" 8110. Nevertheless, these devices are not dumb phones, they still have a 4G link as well as come pre-installed with apps like Facebook and also Google Maps.
If you're truly ready to quit being so connected, here are 4 really dumb phones to attempt out.

The elegant one: The Light Phone
For when you wish to make a declaration regarding shunning modern technology, you need The Light Phone.
The dimension of a bank card, it looks even more like a calculator than a phone. It just stores nine numbers and also you can just make calls with it. Offered in matte white or matte back, the phone considers a small 38.5 grams and also a full fee will certainly give you three days standby time.
Whilst The Light Phone is a dumb phone in attributes, it's more of a second phone in fact. This is since you need to use it together with your smartphone, by activating call-forwarding on your primary phone to be able to use this device.
This functions if you're attempting to discourage on your own off your mobile phone yet aren't fully all set to offer it up right now.

The flip one: Doro PhoneEasy
Doro's PhoneEasy restores among one of the most enjoyable things we miss with smart devices: a flip display. Call a much more satisfying means to hang up a phone call after that snapping down the display.
The phone allows you to make calls, send out texts and also send photos to loved ones. Charging wise, one complete cost will offer you 22 days of standby, which is factor sufficient to buy it alone.
It additionally has Bluetooth capability as well as is available in white or black.

The Nokia one: Nokia 130
Whilst you can't obtain a dumb Nokia 3310 or 8110 anymore, Nokia is still striving on its attribute phones range.
The Nokia 130 is offered in black, grey or a fancy red. It has a 1.8-inch screen (the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has a 6.4-inch display comparative) and also it has 4MB of internal storage with area for a MicroSD card.
If it's battery life you're seeking the 130 victories by far with a tremendous 1 Month battery life on standby.

The cheap one: Alcatel 10.54
When it comes to feature phones, you don't need to spray out when you can buy the Alcatel 10.54 for a mere ₤ 7.50.
The small phone has a cam and also a music gamer. Whilst you may not have the ability to download Stitcher and also your favourite podcasts, with the phone's inbuilt FM radio you can listen to the actual radio rather.
Alcatel says the phone is basic and trusted, which when you're intending to ditch your mobile phone, is all you could really ask for.

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